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Aerocool F6XT 3.5
159 In Stock
Controlling the fans on the F6XT is done individually via the touch buttons on the front of the controller. The attached fans can be controlled in three steps: low / medium / high with the LEDs indicating which step is selected for each fan. The LEDs can be turned off, alternatively they can be Red instead of Blue! Please note: The F6XT is only compatible with fans that draw power from a 4-pin molex connector. Standard 3-pin fans are not supported. To use standard 3-pin fans an adaptor from a 3-pin to 4-pin molex would be required (not supplied).
£13.96 (£11.64 ex VAT)
AeroCool Touch 1000 4-Channel LCD Touch Panel Fan Controller
91 In Stock
AeroCool are well know for producing some of the best fan controllers around and the Touch 1000 helps to confirm this. Like its big brother, the Touch 2000, it offers the ability to control up to four fans via a well thought out LCD touch panel display which shows the RPM and temperature for the selected fan/probe. But unlike the Touch 2000 that requires two 5.25 drive bays the Touch 1000 has all this functionality crammed into just one 5.25 drive bay. Operation Operation of the Touch 1000 is very straightforward. Just press the padlock icon, select which fan you want to control and then press the plus or minus icons to increase or decrease the fan speed!
£26.75 (£22.30 ex VAT)
Aerocool Touch 2100 LCD Touch Screen 5 Fan Controller 2 x USB3.0
70 In Stock
Touch-2100 is a manually operated fan controller that easily controls and monitors five temperatures and fan speeds at a glance.You can freely increase or decrease fan speed of a particular fan according to the temperature the heat sensors of the corresponding channel detects. An alarm temperature can be set to a particular channel in order to carefully monitor the increase of temperature of particular component/s.  Once the detected temperature exceeds the alarm temperature, the Touch-2100 will automatically increase to the max. speed of that fan of the corresponding temperature channel in an effort to cool the temperature down below the alarm temperature and thus ensuring the well-being of components. As soon as the temperature is dropped below the alarm temperature, the fan speed will automatically return to the previous manually set fan speed.
Touch-2100 safe guards your PC components around the clock and throughout the year!
Brand AeroCool
Item Weight 699 g
Product Dimensions 8.5 x 15 x 7 cm
Item model number EN51965
Full Details
£44.46 (£37.05 ex VAT)
AeroCool X-Vision 5-Channel LCD Fan Controller
-10 In Stock
The AeroCool X-Vision 5-Channel LCD Fan Controller controls up to five fans and displays temperature readings making this unit great for controlling your cooling needs. The display shows RPM and temperature readings for each channel and has overheating alarm warnings as well. The LCD screen back light can be toggled on and off to make visibility easier when needed. All this is packed into this single 5.25 bay device making it a great solution for multiple fan control.
£31.98 (£26.65 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Gelid 1-to-4 PWM Fan Splitter
In Stock
Gelid's 1-to-4 PWM Fan Splitter allows the user to connect up to four PWM fans from just one PWM fan header on the motherboard. And because the fans are PWM the RPM of each fan will change dependent on the temperature of the CPU and/or motherboard BIOS settings, meaning the RPM and therefore noise will be reduced if the system does not demand high airflow. The extra power required to run four fans from this splitter is provided by the 4-pin molex connector, which does need to be connected if more than one fan is used.
£2.87 (£2.39 ex VAT)
Gelid PWM Adaptor Cable for VGA Cooler Fans
30 In Stock
This adapter makes it possible to connect a PWM fan to a graphics card and to regulate the speed of that fan. This is perfect if you want to use a PWM fan for cooling the graphics card. Also, if you use this adapter in conjunction with the PWM Y Cable you can add multiple PWM fans, all powered and controlled from the graphics card.
£1.89 (£1.58 ex VAT)
Powercool Ambience LCD Fan Controller 4 x Fan Speed/Temperature Control
-330 In Stock
Powercool Ambience LCD Fan Controller 4 x Fan Speed/Temperature Control

  • Colour LCD display for fan speed and temperature
  • Controls 4 sets of fans: CPU, VGA, SYS-1, SYS-2
  • Can be preset with four temperature alarms: CPU - 70C, VGA - 60C, , SYS1 - 50C, SYS2 - C
  • 3 Adjustable speeds: Low/Medium/High
  • Dual LCD colors + LCD off functions
£9.99 (£8.33 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Scythe Kaze Master II Black Fan Controller, KM05-BK
11 In Stock

New updated Kaze Master fan controller
Retractable dials
LCD display for temp and RPM
Low voltage start-up
Alarm function Works with standard (3-pin) and PWM (4-pin) fans

Size / Retractable dials
The Kaze Master is designed to be installed into a 5.25" bay. As protruding control knobs would interfere with front doors of computer cases (preventing their closure), the Kaze Master II is equipped with retractable control knobs to make usage with such models possible.

LCD Display
The LCD-display lets the user check both fan RPM and temperatures. It is also possible to choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Spin Up Voltage
The adjustable voltage range is between 3.7 to 12 volts. But as fans tend to have problems starting at lower ranges, this function ensures a 12 volt supply right from the start before settling down to the user's desired voltage setting.

Setting of the Heat Alarm Function
The Kaze Master offers a wide range of adjustable temperature settings for the alarm to sound. The user can choose between 55 - 90°C in steps of 5°C.

Power Feed Control
If the Kaze Master II detects no fan movement for 15 seconds, for safety reasons the power to that channel will be cut automatically.

£37.99 (£31.66 ex VAT)
Scythe Kaze Q 3.5inch Fan Controller, Black
12 In Stock
The Kaze Q Fan Controller is a very simple but effective fan controller. It is able to control the speed of up to four standard 3-pin fans (PWM fans are not compatible), while being installed in a 3½" drive bay. It has a voltage range of 5V to 12V and with its brushed aluminium finish it will look great inside any chassis.


Model Name Kaze Q 3.5" Black
Dimensions 102 x 25 x 93 mm (WxHxD)
Length of Control Dials 12 mm
Voltage Range 5 V (±10%) - 12 V (±10%)
Fan Channels 4 (max. 1 Ampere / max. 12 W)
Fan Speed Range 0 - 9,900 rpm
Weight 116 g
Accessory 4x Fan Cable, Power Cable, Screws
Warranty 24 months
£13.25 (£11.04 ex VAT)