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3 in 1 IDC impact punch down tool with autotrim
In Stock
3 in 1 IDC impact punch down tool with autotrim
£16.86 (£14.05 ex VAT)
Crimping tool for RJ11 /  RJ12 and RJ45
In Stock
This tool is used to crimp the plugs onto ADSL, ISDN and UTP cables and is retail packaged with an IEC hanger
£21.68 (£18.07 ex VAT)
Economy crimping tool for RJ45
In Stock
This tool is used to crimp the plugs ISDN and UTP cables and is retail packaged with an IEC hanger
£9.90 (£8.25 ex VAT)
Network cable tester with remote unit
In Stock
This LAN tester is able to check cables, wallplates and patch panels for connectivity, pin assignment, shielding, shorts and pairs. The remote unit enables previously laid cable can to be tested. RJ45 to BNC adapters are included
£45.14 (£37.62 ex VAT)
Paladin 1300 series crimping frame - Paladin part no. 1302
In Stock
This high quality universal crimp tool frame has over 50 interchangeable die sets available for terminating all types of crimp style data plugs. It is exceptional value and uses the same die sets as the CrimpALL/8000 series crimping frames. This is a high quality ratchet action crimp tool with ratchet release and finger operated EZI-CHANGE dies screws to make changing dies quick & easy - no screwdriver is required.
£41.99 (£34.99 ex VAT)
Paladin 66 non-impact punchdown tool - Paladin part no. 3581
In Stock
This non-impact, low-cost punchdown tool is used to terminate and cut telephone and data wires into 66 panels. It is suitable for use with both solid and stranded single insulation wire of 28-22 AWG (0.08 - 0.5 mm) and is designed for use with insulation displacement (IDC) type bifurcated terminals. This tool has a comfortable rubber handle grip designed to fit in the palm of your hand, performs both cut and punch functions and is perfect for small jobs and the do-it-yourself installer. This tool is typically lower in cost than replacement blades for impact punchdown tools.
£10.73 (£8.94 ex VAT)
Paladin Data SureStrip cutter/stripper for both flat and round cables - Paladin part no. 1116
In Stock
This high quality multi-purpose cutter and stripper is designed for use with both flat and round cables in both shielded and unshielded varieties. This tool will cut and strip multiple cable types: 4, 6 & 8 conductor flat cable, 4, 6 & 8 conductor UTP/STP data cables, up to 25 pair data & telephone cables, multi-conductor round cable bundles with a maximum diameter of 12.7mm and 14 to 8 AWG wire. This tool has simple thumb screws for ease of adjustment, is self-regulating to prevent nicks, has contoured finter grips for power cutting, lanyard holes for attaching to a wrist straps or key chain, is small & compact enough to place in a pocket and is made of nylon reinforced ABS plastic with stainless steel blade.
£23.56 (£19.63 ex VAT)
Paladin FlatCat cutter/stripper for flat cables - Paladin part no. 1160
In Stock
This high quality tool is designed to cut and strip flat satin telephone cable. It is made from heat-treated tool steel, has a safety lock, spring-loaded handles which open automatically which are fitted with non-slip grips.
£10.43 (£8.69 ex VAT)
Paladin LC CST 58/59 coaxial stripping tool - Paladin part no. 1255
In Stock
This coaxial cable stripper combines high performance and ergonomic design at an affordable price and is designed for use with for RG58, RG59, RG62AU, RG6, LMR195, LMR200 and LMR240 coaxial cables. This 2 & 3 level stripping tool allows easy removal of the outer jacket, shield braid and inner dielectric in a single step. Adjusting the cutting depth on each blade for varying cable thicknesses can be easily done using the hex key supplied with this tool. . The tool is pre-set for common strip lengths (these being 0.315 inches for the outer jacket & 0.157 inches for the inner dielectric) and the tension applied is self-regulating.
£19.99 (£16.66 ex VAT)
Paladin SurePunch Pro PDT with 110 and  66 blades & light - Paladin part no. 3587
In Stock
This professional impact punchdown tool handle is supplied with both 110 & 66 reversible clip-in (twist & lock) blades for both punch & cut or punchdown only operations. This tool is designed to terminate all cable types with a single punch including 23 AWG Cat6 and its advanced spring mechanism requires less hand force to actuate the punchdown. This tool has a rubber-embedded cushioned handle with finger grips for comfort and adjustable high/low spring compression and so is suitable for use with all cable types. The impact force is 37.5lbs (167N) on the high setting and 27.5lbs (122N) on the low setting. The detachable light supplied with these tools focuses light on the panel work area. The light is fitted with a long-life LED (luminous intensity 2200 mcd) which will last approx. 1 million hours. A complete assortment of other clip-in twist & lock blades are available for use with this punchdown tool handle. This tool also includes a retracting and locking spudger, hook & pick. The spudger is used to clean debris from the panel (this can also be used as a screwdriver or IDC contact insertion tool). The hook is used to feed wires through holes and the pick separates bonded twisted pair cable or strips and cuts wires. There is also a blade storage area in the end of the tool with a comfortable latch cover.
£71.74 (£59.78 ex VAT)
Premium crimping tool for RJ connectors
In Stock
This tool is used for crimping the following size connectors : RJ10, RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 and RJ11/12 DEC connectors. This tool has a ratchet action and is retail packaged with an IEC hanger
£30.64 (£25.53 ex VAT)
RG58 and  RG59 BNC crimping tool
In Stock
This tool is used to crimp the BNC plug on to the raw BNC cable
£24.46 (£20.38 ex VAT)
RJ11/12 die for 1300 & CrimpALL/8000 series crimp frames - Paladin part no. 2062
In Stock
These high quality interchangeable die sets are made of heat-treated steel to ensure their long life. This die set is for use with both RJ11 and RJ12 modular plugs and fits all the 1300 and CrimpALL/8000 series crimping frames. This die is designed for use with both flat & round, solid & stranded core cables to be fitted with RJ11/12 6P6C, 6P4C, 6P2C connectors.
£20.49 (£17.08 ex VAT)